Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The aim of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is to move fluid from a swollen area to a place where the lymphatic system is working normally.

To achieve this, we work backwards, starting at an area into which we want the fluid to drain. Using specialised skin movements, we clear the area where the fluid has to go, and then work on the swollen area itself, moving the fluid into the area we've just cleared.

Because the lymphatic vessels are located directly under the skin, the pressure is very light so as not to crush them, and to allow the fluid to move from one area to another. 

You can't have MLD if you have an infection in the affected area, a blood clot, or cancer in the affected area.

MLD is recommended following surgery to help reduce swelling and to speed recovery. 

MLD can also help manage symptoms of lymphoedema and Méniere's disease.

Click here to see before and after pictures of MLD.


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